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Billion kWh saving per annum


Million tonne reduction in CO2 per annum


Million trees planted per annum


Thousand less cars per annum


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Edwin Vlaeminck, Production Manager

"We are delighted with the automatic LED lighting solution installed in just a few days by the company Intelligent LEDs. In addition to reducing our lighting costs by 82%, we now have full control of the equipment thanks to the SiteWorx management software that automatically generates all the reports we may possibly need."

Stefan Verhelst, CEO

"In less than one week, excluding the delivery time, the company Intelligent LEDs installed top-of-the-range Digital Lumens light fittings for us, and they have taken care of all the settings. This has reduced our lighting costs by 85%, which is an exceptional result, and it has also the improved the lighting for our product handling operations. Our ultimate aim is to optimise our energy efficiency, not only in terms of energy usage, but also by generating energy by means of an on-site wind turbine, and very soon with the addition of solar panels."

Facility Manager

"As part of phase 1, we have installed Digital Lumens light fittings in our HUB 2. This has yielded impressive cost savings of almost 85%. However, we have also considerably and primarily improved the quality of the lighting. This has an equivalent impact upon productivity, comfort and safety! We now intend to equip our other HUBs with effect from 2018."

Maines Paper & Food Service

  • Energy saving on lighting: 87%

  • ✓ Distribution centre with a surface area of 42,735 m²; 24 hr operation, 365 days a year
  • ✓ All HID light fittings replaced (high intensity discharge bulb)
  • ✓ Lighting improved from 9 fc to 20 fc
  • ✓ Saving of 1.76 million kWh per annum
  • ✓ Return on investment in less than one year


  • Energy saving on lighting: 91%

  • ✓ Location: Bremen, Germany
  • ✓ Environment: Manufacturing
  • ✓ Operating schedule: 8 x 5
  • ✓ Type of installation: Renewal of T8 fluorescent tubes
  • ✓ Size of the installation: 6,600 m²

Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services

  • Energy saving on lighting: 80%

  • ✓ Location: Allonnes, France (72)
  • ✓ Environment: Cold storage
  • ✓ Operating schedule: 3x8 7/7
  • ✓ Type of installation: Replacement of T5 HO tubes and 400W HID reflectors
  • ✓ Size of the installation: 13,300 m²

Mutual Logistics

  • Energy saving on lighting: 80%

  • ✓ Location: Richmond, BC, Canada
  • ✓ Environment: Aircraft maintenance workshop (MRO)
  • ✓ Operating schedule: 6 x 20 in two teams
  • ✓ Type of installation: Renewal of 400 W halogen light fittings
  • ✓ Size of the installation: 14,679 m² / 158,000 ft²

Ben E. Keith Foods

  • Energy saving on lighting: 90%

  • ✓ Location: Missouri City, TX
  • ✓ Environment: Cold areas, refrigerated and ambient temperature
  • ✓ Operating schedule: 24x7
  • ✓ Type of installation: Newbuild
  • ✓ Size of the installation: 44,129 m² / 475,000 ft²

Associated Grocers of New England

  • Energy saving on lighting: 85%

  • ✓ Distribution centre with a surface area of 35,303 m² (-15°); 24 hr operation, 6 days a week
  • ✓ All T5 HO fluorescent light fittings replaced
  • ✓ Lighting improved from 9 fc to 25 fc
  • ✓ 2.1 million kWh annual saving on lighting
  • ✓ Subsidised by Public Service of New Hampshire

Silver Beauty Warehousing

  • Energy saving on lighting: 90%

  • ✓ Warehouse with a surface area of 16,482 m²; 24 hr operation, 365 days a year
  • ✓ All 1,000 W halogen bulb light fittings replaced
  • ✓ Savings achieved due to the use of daylight: up to 40% on sunny days
  • ✓ Subsidised by ComEd

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