Amazing Design

Smart LED light fittings equipped with exceptional components and functionalities.

Motion sensors, natural luminosity, electricity meter, 0- 100% light dimmers, variable and programmable switch-on and switch-off speeds, Radio Frequency wireless connectivity (unique on the market) with adjacent light fittings, and central management and optimisation software.

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Wireless Networked System

Wirelessly interconnected light fittings to communicate with the management software.

No additional wiring necessary at the time of the installation, thus avoiding major additional expenditure. Furthermore, the light fittings can be equipped with a built-in battery for use as safety lighting.

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Extremely user-friendly and high-performance central management

The SiteWorx lighting and energy management software offers you full control at your fingertips.

It ensures a fully integrated, extremely user-friendly and high-performance management system for all the light fittings, which can be managed as a group or individually. It automatically generates a monthly operations and consumption report, with information on the savings achieved per individual area and/or the total area. It can be accessed from any PC or smartphone with the necessary authorisation.

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Occupancy rate

Compared electricity consumptions

Parameterisation of extinction criteria

Status of luminaires and batteries in the network


The Only Smart LED Lighting System

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